IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
11-14 November 2019 // Newark, NJ, USA


What 5G Cannot Solve and the Need for 6G - Monday, November 11


The 5G revolution promises wireless connectivity solutions to enable emerging applications that do not exist today. However, 5G rollout is gradual and the standard is expected to evolve over the next decade. This panel will discuss what new wireless capabilities will be offered through 5G, and where gaps exist that need further research, investigation, and innovative solutions without strict standards-imposed rules. Additionally, this panel will touch upon the need and resources for advancing wireless technologies that go beyond 5G, ranging from community-scale experimental platforms provided through the PAWR program, FCC’s innovation zones, spectrum bands with permissible spectrum sharing, and forward-looking policy formulation. The panel has expert representatives from the government, industry, research labs, and academia.



  Monisha Ghosh

  Program Manager, NSF



  Michael Marcus

  Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC



  Tom Rondeau

  Program Director, DARPA



  Ivan Seskar

  Associate Director, WINLAB, Rutgers




  Jon Peha

  Professor, Electrical Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University




  Harish Viswanathan

  Head, Radio Systems Research Group, Nokia Bell Labs



Trusting Machine Learning and AI in Wireless - Tuesday, November 12  


Machine learning (ML) has a perception of being the “magic solution” for solving complex inference, actuation and classification problems in the context of wireless networking and communication. However, the question is: for mission-critical performance, how important is trust in the ML system? Are we content with a black box solution that works remarkably well on test data? Do we need a sandbox solution in a  live system? Or, do we need proven theoretical formulations and bounds that capture the behavior of the ML system to start integration in the real world? The panelists, drawn from industry, academia and research labs will explore what it will take for us wireless engineers and researchers to give to the ML systems what we hold most dear - trust.



  R. Chandramouli (Mouli)

  Hattrick Chair Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology



  Joe Mitola

  Chief Technologist, ENCSCO 



  Tim O’Shea

  CEO, DeepSig 



  Yalin Sagduyu

  Director of Networks and Security at Intelligent Automation Inc.




  Curtis Watson

  Principal Signal Processing Engineer, MITRE